Reward Points

My Points and Rewards

How many points / rewards do i have?

To check your balance, login to your account to see your points in your account dashboard.

How do I earn points?

You can earn points for every SGD 1.00 you spend at our online store. You can earn points by placing orders on our site. Every SGD 1.00 spent, you will receive HKC 1 point.

When can I start earning points?

You’re eligible once you have an account with us.

Do points expire?

Currently our points will expire 1 year from the day they were earned. 

Can points be extended after the expiry date?

No. There is no extension for expired points.

When is my reward points available to redeem?

You may login to your account to check the points your have available to check the points you have. 

When I return my purchase, what happens to the points I earned?

When you return the item to exchange, the points you earned from your purchase will be forfeited.

When will I see my points in my account?

You will see the points earned after you have made payment to the current purchase.

How can I use the points?

Every 50 points  = $1. You can use it for your next purchase.